New Year. New You. New Style.

Posted January 8, 2014 by Guest Writer in On the Ladder
New Year, New You

A New Year is upon us, an opportunity to actually “get things right” this time around as Oprah Winfrey would put it.  It is an opportunity for renewal, in every possible way for those who are committed to their dreams.

It is a time to throw all excuses to the wayside, develop a new way of seeing things and doing things differently.

Sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it?  However, it will require oodles of commitment on your part.

You see time is a mere illusion, but a decision, desire and dissatisfaction can literally shift your entire mindset, get your groove in gear, and carve a plan and a path for you towards the realization of your dreams.

There is NO half stepping when it comes to your dreams.  You can’t have one foot in the circle and one out for you will become an Empress of none.  It’s a commitment.

You have to prepare to risk it all.  When I started my first business 6 1/2 years ago, I ended a long term relationship, threw my whole savings into buying my first home, and built an Executive Search business from scratch, built a team, learnt how to become a manager, with not a penny in my pocket.  It wasn’t easy at times, but I made it and you can too.

I know what it is to put your money where your mouth is and risk it all.  I get it.  I have now entered a new chapter in my life which is more meaningful, purpose driven to heal, inspire and empower women to discover their true selves and play the game of life in the space of their “Authentic Self”.

The road to your dreams will not be easy Career Girl, but totally worth it.  You will endure criticism at times and be misunderstood; it’s part of the deal.  You must be committed to do the “Cha Cha” while others do the “Waltz” and yet be unscathed by the opinions of others.  You will make a commitment to take the road less travelled, walk that talk, click those heels, talk less, listen more, be more and do more with Grace & Ease.

It’s a commitment that will require you to go to bed earlier, wake up earlier, eat healthier, exercise, tighten up that inner circle, be wise in your associations, crush that “To Do” list, and have fun while doing it with Style & Grace.

So my question to you Career Girl is, “Are you willing to throw your whole self at your dreams for 2014?”  The choice is yours.

In the wise words of Darren Hardy, CEO of Success Magazine:

No amount of meditating, hypothesizing and philosiphizing without belief and action will bring your dreams to come to pass.

So if you’re in, join me, in chanting “No Excuses” as a mantra for the New Year.

Your promise awaits!


Abby McDonald has coached and interviewed many people over the past 13 years in the Executive Search business and has developed a love and passion for helping women to discover who they really are in both their life & career. Her latest business venture is  Talk with Abby, a spiritually infused, inspirational site offering life & career coaching services as well as providing a platform for advice for those who seek it. Connect with Abby on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube

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    These are definitely words to live by. 2014 is the year and it all starts with a decision to take action. Thank you for this awesome post!

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