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New Year, New You: Confidence Tips to Take into 2014

Posted December 12, 2013 by Cassandra Ehrhart in On the Ladder
As career-driven women, we’re constantly striving for more. We’re always trying to be better in every aspect of our lives, which is fabulous! But lately I’ve heard a lot of negative things from friends like, “I wish I had done this” or “I feel so fat during the winter”, etc.

In 2014 I think we should all try to stop with the negative talk and regrets, not only because it’s bad for us personally but also because it truly affects our self-confidence. So, for this article I want to leave you with some confidence tips to keep in mind going into 2014:

Accept judgment

Someone will always criticize you. Accept this, and don’t let it keep you from doing what you set out to accomplish. [i]

Celebrate every success

Be proud of everything you achieve, no matter how big or small. Your confidence is a reflection of your past performances. Recognize success, learn from failure, and move forward.[ii]

Push yourself

Famous lecturer and writer Dale Carnegie once said that action breeds confidence. Seek out new obstacles. You will be surprised to learn what you’re capable of once you defeat the fear of trying.[iii]

Try again

If you fail at something just once, you’re psychologically inclined to believe you must not be good at that particular thing. Don’t let a past failure discourage you from trying again. [iv]


If you’re already stressed, you subconsciously expect poor performance. Breathe easy and envision yourself succeeding.[v]

Get Inspired

Seek out inspiration from people that you admire. Seeing someone else succeed will encourage you to think positively and go forth.[vi]

Take a moment to be proud of yourself. Be proud of how you’ve grown in your career, your personal life, whatever it may be.

Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back this December and go into 2014 with your head held high.  


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