Glitter Guide: New Year’s Eve Nails

Posted December 27, 2013 by Denise DeGennaro in Building Your Brand
Career Girls, what comes to mind when planning an outfits for New Year’s Eve festivities? For me (and you too, probably) it’s sparkle! For one reason or another, New Year’s Eve makes people want to dress like the Times Square ball. Maybe, because the year is shiny and new, you want be too. Perhaps you want to catch the eye of a special someone, or you just want to feel glamorousbecause why not! For me, buying a whole new outfit full of sequins and glitter is not super practical because I likely will not get much mileage out of it for the rest of the year. Instead, I like to go to town on my nails (regardless of whether I’m staying in or going out). Right now in stores there are many on-trend options for adding sparkle and shine to your digits. If you’re not a DIY-er when it comes to nails, most salons have a selection of sparkly and shiny polishes. Below is a guide to help you choose which is right for you!

  • Built-in Glitter/Shimmer: Nail polish with the sparkle in the bottle! Glitter can be fine or chunky, and shimmer gives more of an subtle iridescent quality to polish. Easy to apply, comes in a lot of colors  and varieties. Ranges in price from .99 cents (!!) all the way to $19.00. Available at drugstores, Sephora, Ulta…pretty easy to find! 
  • Metallic: These polishes mimic the shine in, well, metals (hence the name). I like metallic polishes because they are not overbearing (you could probably wear this to the office, too).  Essie brand makes beautiful metallic polishes for around $8.50 a pop.
  • Holographic/Luminescent: These polishes have little light-reflecting specks in the bottle, creating a really pretty effect, another good option if you want a bottled polish. One of my favorite brands, CULT Cosmetics makes a really pretty one (lumiescent), and Urban Outfitters, and Sephora’s New Formula X Collection make pretty hologram effect polishes.
  • Polish Strips: Perfect if you have a shaky hand! Strips are basically stickers that behave like polish. They are pre-cut for each finger and come with instructions. All you have to do is peel, stick, and file to fit your nails. Best part? No mess, and comes off with polish remover! They come in a number of colors, styles and textures. Sephora, Essie, and Sally Hansen all make a version.
  • Loose Glitter: Getting a little more advanced now…think arts-and-crafts type of glitter. This sparkly stuff can be sprinkled on wet polish of your choice. Try using tape on dry polish to create shapes you want, then paint the section you want and sprinkle the loose glitter on top for accents. You can also just dip a wet nail in the glitter for an accent nail. Warning: this is messy and can result in glitter all over the place – try a box to contain the mess! I encountered this in my Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar and it’s also available on Etsy, or you can probably find it at craft stores.
  • Foil: Nail foils create a shiny look through shiny sheets that can be applied to nails. I have never attempted this, but saw this kit by Ciate at Marshall’s, looks pretty cool!
  • Texture: The latest polish trend is texture! Caviar nails, feathered effects – these are available as kits or bottled polishes. Essie’s new line gives nails an encrusted look and Color Club is launching a brand new line this month. Beware – mess factor comes into play again because the loose caviar can get all over the place (but looks fierce!). Proceed with caution!

Remember, every good manicure starts with a base coat and ends with a topcoat (my can’t-live-without is Seche Vite’s Dry Fast Topcoat – worth every penny). Exception: textures don’t lend themselves to topcoats. To remove these glittery/textured polishes, try filing over the first layer to break down the glitter, and soak a little bit in polish remover  – can be stubborn to take off. Have fun Career Girls!!

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