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Posted August 8, 2013 by Marilu Hagen in Career Moves
victory became a favorite site of mine when I discovered it a few years ago. For me, StumbleUpon serves most often as a distraction during class lectures or provides a ‘quick’ break when studying. The material offered on this site comes from all over the world and can be educational, artistic, funny, emotional, whatever you chose it to be. A couple of weeks ago I went back to my ‘liked’ pages and found one from a year ago: “40 Questions Everyone is Afraid to Ask.”

In my opinion, everyone should take a look at these questions at least once a month and ask yourself each and every one of them.

I have several personal favorites which are thought provoking, but for the sake of brevity I am going to discuss Question 8:

 Is it out of reach? Or have you just not stretched yourself far enough?

As a rising senior in college I go through multiple phases every week deciding on where I want to live after graduation, what industry I want  a career in, and how far I will go to follow my dreams. I squash ideas that run fleetingly through my mind because I am too quick to think, That will never happen to me! or There’s no way I could ever be the next Chelsea Handler! These are the times when I ask myself Question 8.

Is what I want actually impossible? Or just improbable?

If it’s improbable, am I willing to take the chance, go the distance, and stretch myself as far as I possibly can?

No woman ever stops looking toward the future and asking what it might hold for her. Career Girl Network helps any woman with questions she might have about her career, health, or life at home. However, it is the responsibility of the woman to decide if she wants to stretch herself far enough to get what she desires. When I think about my  future happiness, I remind myself that I must keep going even if I face challenges. Only when I stretched as far as I possible, will I allow myself to be satisfied with my efforts.And, Who knows?

Maybe one day I will have my own show called, “Marilu Lately!”

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Marilu Hagen

Originally hailing from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, Marilu is currently a student the the University of Wisconsin-Madison and on track for graduating with a major in Communication Arts and minor in Integrated Liberal Studies. She is very excited to be one of the lucky summer 2013 interns for CGN and to gain experience as a marketing and public relations specialist for the company while bringing extra energy and positivity to the team. Her inspiration comes from powerful women working in the sports and entertainment industry and she has hopes to become one of these women herself as a sports agent or manager of team public relations. Marilu's favorite professional sport is ice hockey, having grown up with the Atlanta Thrashers, but her favorite sports team is the Atlanta Braves.