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Organize Your New Year!

Posted January 9, 2013 by Michele Cocouture in Life After Five
New Year

Clockwise:  1)  Leopard agenda by Chapters Indigo 2) Postman’s Pink Lock agenda by Mulberry 3)  Campari Munari Limited Edition by Bric  4)  Black lamb leather by Chanel  5)  Monogrammed exotic leather by Saks Fifth Avenue


With a new year comes a new outlook and new resolutions for many Career Girls. It is a time to reflect and set goals. What better way to organize those thoughts and your life than in a beautiful agenda? While there are many electronic versions available these days, I still favor the handwritten kind.  I have been using my leather bound, purse-sized agenda for many years and buying the refills.  Things to consider when deciding on the type of planner you want to purchase:
  1. Electronic or paper? For the tech savvy and green, an electronic version will store everything in the palm of your hand and save paper. I use an electronic version simply for meeting time alerts. The paper version does not make you dependent on an electronic version that may run out of battery life and it allows you to write more detailed notes.
  2. Daily, weekly, monthly? Determine what your primary use would be — for business, personal, or both. I use mine for both. I use a daily one as I write down my voice mail messages and to-do notes to myself. You should also consider how large you write. If the typeface is small and you write big, you may opt for a daily planner versus a weekly or monthly one, as there will be more writing space.
  3. Cover type? What is your budget?  Do you want to invest in a leather bound one that you can reuse and purchase re-ills each year, or do you want to purchase a new one each year? There are many fun covers with bold prints that you can also have monogrammed but they will be more expensive.  If you opt for investing in a designer cover, make sure that it is a reputable brand that will continue to produce the refills for years to come. Or make sure that you purchase a standard size in case they stop producing refills and you can buy a standard refill at a office supply store. The yearly ones tend to be less expensive and non-leather. They give you the freedom to change to a different type of organizer next year.
Whatever you decide, getting a head start on organizing your new year will keep career girls ahead of the game!

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