Perfect Timing: It’s Easier Than You Think

Posted January 14, 2013 by Kelley Long in Life After Five

A recent article in Reader’s Digest, culled from Mental Floss, shared the best times to do everything. Here are a few of the timing tips that Career Girls might find most helpful (from the article):

8:30am: Decide Something – Researchers have found that we make our best decisions right after we wake up. Later, we suffer from “decision fatigue” and make the quicker or easier decision.

11am: Send an E-mail – Analysis of more than 200 million e-mails found that people are most likely to read their mail shortly before their lunch break. Send one at 11am to be at the top of the pile.

5pm: Get Some Exercise – Your body temperature is highest from 5 to 6 pm. The heat increases your stamina and strength while decreasing your reaction time, so the added warmth makes your workouts more effective.

10pm: Solve the World’s Problems – Difficult problems require creative thinking, and studies show that people do their most abstract thinking when they are tired. If you’re not a night owl, letting your mind wander when you’re worn-out might lead to a creative solution to a problem that seem insurmountable at noon.

Hopefully these timing tips will add to your productiveness and effectiveness.

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Kelley Long

Kelley Long is a CPA/PFS and CFP® who believes that the true meaning of financial security means having choices in life. She uses her 15 years of experience in various financial services industry jobs to inform her work as a Resident Financial Planner for Financial Finesse, providing unbiased financial guidance through workplace financial wellness programs. She’s also a volunteer and media ambassador for Feed the Pig and 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy. In Kelley’s perfect world, everyone would feel great talking about their money concerns, fears, questions and problems, because then everyone would see that we ALL have those concerns, fears, questions and problems. Kelley lives in Chicago with her husband and their Himalayan cat Miles, where she also teaches BODYPUMP group fitness classes at the Chicago Athletic Clubs.