Should You Have a Personal Business Card?

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When your name isn’t stenciled on an office door or engraved on a plaque over a cubicle, learning to market yourself is that much more important. Just because you’re not a member of the traditional nine to five job force, doesn’t mean you don’t have skills. So many women today are entrepreneurs — freelancers, marketing consultants or digital assistants. They work from home-based offices, libraries and Internet cafes, and their livelihood depends on the quality of the work they produce and the success of their networking skills. One of the best ways of getting the word out about the work you’re capable of doing lies in personal business cards.

What Goes on a Personal Business Card?

The biggest perk to designing a personal business card is the freedom to express yourself as artistically as you choose. In addition to your name and contact information, GreatFX outlines elements you might have printed on your card, which include:

  • A Graphic You Designed Yourself
  • A Background You Photographed
  • A Famous Quote That Has Special Meaning
  • A Summary of Your Creative Skills
  • A QR Code That Points to Your Landing Page

How Do You Get Your Card to the Masses?

The most streamlined, informative and appealing business card available won’t bring results until you place it in the hands of your potential clientele. There are a variety of efficient ways to do this:

  • Include your personal business card in your handouts and giveaways at trade shows. You might consider having it printed directly onto the merchandise you plan to give away — coffee mugs, t-shirts, notepads, mouse pads and more.
  • Make it into a magnet and donate mass quantities to your local Chamber of Commerce for inclusion in promotional packages that go out to new businesses and homeowners in the area.
  • Use a digital version of your card in email and snail mail marketing campaigns to potential clients who fit the demographic you’re trying to reach.

Benefits of Personal Cards Over Traditional Business Cards

Personal cards tend to be more informal than traditional business cards. They’re often two-sided — one side reserved for vital contact information, the other for a fun quote, humorous graphic or witty one-liner that pertains to what you do for a living. Cards of this type are instantly eye-catching because they use non-traditional fonts and colors that are typically taboo on stuffier cards.

Personal cards let your personality shine through. If you’re targeting clients who need the services of creative and clever designers, writers, consultants, assistants and developers, the size of your personality can make or break the deal. A personal card gives you one shot to make a first impression that sticks with your customer.

Where to Design Your Card?

When you’re in the market for personal business cards printing, choose a reputable printing company that allows you to design your card easily online. Most offer simple-to-use templates that allow you to upload your own graphics and images to accent your choice of card.

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