Positive Resolutions

Posted December 31, 2013 by Katie Fleming in Life After Five
Happy New Year’s Eve!  I hope 2013 has treated you all well.

We all know that many, if not most, New Years Resolutions seem to disappear by March.  When we realize that we haven’t met our Resolutions, disappointment, sadness, and guilt can set in.

Let’s make ourselves proud this year!

With a simple shift in mindset from Negative to Positive when creating your list of resolutions, you can make your list more achievable.   Negative Resolutions are those that require you to practice avoidance, restriction, or reduction.  Falling short on Negative Resolutions often cause a person to punish themselves.  Positive Resolutions are those that inspire you to make an addition to you daily routine.  When you add in a Positive step, you feel rewarded!

The Breakdown:  Negative Resolutions make you stop doing something everyday.  Positive Resolutions make you DO something everyday.  It is much easier to start behaviors than stop behaviors.

Here’s an example of a quite common Negative list:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Limit caffeine
  3. Wake up earlier
  4. Stop fighting with my partner

Here is the SAME list, with a Positive spin:

  1. Have fruit and vegetables every day
  2. Drink decaf
  3. Go to bed one hour earlier
  4. Show kindness to my partner every day

Here is the SAME list again, with another Positive spin:

  1. Find an exercise class/routine that is fun!
  2. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning
  3. Turn off the electronic device 30 minutes before ideal bedtime
  4. Apologize to my partner when I’m in the wrong

Although the items on each list are worded differently, the end results are the same.  (For instance, when you eat more fruits and vegetables, you are likely to lose excess weight).  When you notice yourself taking steps to your Positive Resolutions every day, you will feel accomplished and proud of yourself!  If you’re having trouble shifting your mindset when creating your list, ask your partner or a close friend for some help.  Be creative, and be dedicated!

Happy New Year, and I wish you all the best in 2014

About the Author

Katie Fleming

Katie earned her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University, and is currently a Crisis Therapist in Chicago. Her therapy interests include health and wellness, relationships, trauma, and crisis. Katie is also a therapist with a group practice in Arlington Heights. Katie is thrilled to be a part of Career Girl Network, helping to guide all Career Girls towards overall physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Katie is passionate about animal rescue, running, and yoga. She is the proud dog mom of Gulliver and Duke!