5 Powerful Interview Strategies to Gain an Unfair Advantage and Beat the Competition

Posted August 11, 2014 by Sally Calloway in Career Moves
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Imagine going into your next job interview with confidence, ease, and an authentic smile; you have researched the company inside and out, memorized your resume, practiced your answers and prepared questions to ask. You are totally ready. Right? Unfortunately, so are all of the other candidates interviewing for the same position. How can you set yourself apart from the competition?

Read on, my friend, read on.

Throughout my 14 years of career development experience as a career coach, I have consulted with HR directors, recruiters and hiring managers from across the globe discovering new rules and proven strategies to help job seekers beat the odds in the 21st century job market.  I have coached thousands of stressed out job seekers just like you, putting these strategies to the test; implement them, and I can assure you that your competition will not be as prepared as you!

Gain an unfair advantage with these 5 powerful interview strategies:

  1. Tailor every aspect of the interview to the industry, job description, and most importantly, to the company. Your answers to every question must relate specifically to the company and the job description. Most of your answers need to be solutions based showing the value you offer; how you have contributed to the success of the companies you have worked with.
  1. Prepare and memorize 3 solid CAR (Challenge-Action-Results) stories; your success stories may revolve around the 3 main qualifications/expectations noted in the job description. Speak to the challenges you encountered, the action you took, and the results you produced. Weave into your answers awards that you have received, promotions, initiatives that you developed and implemented that became best practices.
  1. Do not bring up salary until you are offered the position. If asked what your salary expectations are, try to avoid providing a firm dollar amount. If they are aggressive about getting an answer, provide a range and then say nothing after you state the range amount. (For tips on effective salary negotiation click here).
  1. Relate your experience to a specific initiative, situation, or aspect about the company that you discovered through your research. If you are interviewing for a promotion or a lateral move, prepare and speak to solution initiatives that you might implement based on challenges the company or department is currently facing. Find their pain and offer well thought out solutions, and illustrate how you have solved similar challenges in your previous positions.
  1. Remember to say “thank you.” Follow up with a thank you note that reiterates your interest in the job and include bullet points on what you discussed and how your qualifications match those that they seek. Always ask for a business card from each interviewer so that you have their direct contact information to follow-up. Send a follow-up thank you letter/email to everyone that interviewed you.

Imagine nailing your first interview and landing an offer on the spot! Boom! You are hired!

Stop spending hours surfing the web searching for tips on how to answer interview questions, what questions to ask, or what to say in follow-up letters. Besides, there are too many outdated resources out there.

Grab more of my detailed interview tips here.

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