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A Powerful Technique to Create a Resume That Hiring Executives Will Rave About – Part Two

Posted October 13, 2014 by Sally Calloway in Building Your Brand
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In part one of this article series I revealed how to implement my value-stacking technique to top off your resume  with words that evoke emotion, grab attention, and inspire the reader to continue  reading for longer than a mere six seconds.

In this article, I will reveal how to continue to build momentum so that your resume gets read rather than scanned regardless of which section the reader explores first.

Typically the mid-section of your resume should include your “Professional Experience” section and in some cases your “Education” section. Keep in mind that there are no absolutes when it comes to resume formats. There are many variables to consider when determining where to place your education information for instance. Academic, professionals, recent graduates and candidates who have fewer than five years of work experience are among those that may list education first. You might consider listing education before your work history if you recently changed careers and have continued your education to support your new goals. I will discuss the value-stacking strategies specific to your education section in part three of this article series.

The following “Professional Experience” sample section as mentioned in my previous article is from a candidate’s resume that applied to marketing director roles. In case you did not read it yet, it is important that I mention she landed an interview and an offer for the first job she applied to. The hiring executive raved about her resume saying: “Your resume is very well stacked and impressive. I don’t see one this good very often.”

(The original formatting of this sample may be altered to fit the article format)


Company Name North America, Minneapolis, MN                             2006 – Present

World’s leading premium drinks company with 100+ brand portfolio across various spirit categories, including Smirnoff Vodka, Captain Morgan Rum & Crown Royal Whiskey.


Tasked to oversee innovation, multicultural and on-premise initiatives for seven control West states; owned marketing strategy; collaborated with sales, supply, broker team and central marketing to ensure successful go-to-market execution.

  • Streamlined processes and weekly communication with internal/external sales and customer marketing to ensure fast-tracking of new item presentations to state liquor boards; averaged 80% of states approved by first ship dates across 14 launches; first 60 day distributions averaged 89% vs. goal.
  • Marketing lead on all on-premise initiatives, and embedding “Driver Drinks Strategy” across seven states to grow menu share for core brands and best national results against four of five metrics in key outlets.
  • Owned the innovation forecasting and allocations process across the division which helped secure an incremental $1mm in NSV for sales teams in six months.
  • Division lead on 14 successful spirits innovation launches; developed 30/60/90 day launch and “sustainovation” plans with sales and broker teams that drove an incremental 15,000 cases to plan.
  • Collaborated with broker trade development team to build brand/channel specific go-to-market innovation execution plans that drove 80% incidence against measures such as in-store visibility, consumer sampling, displays & menus.
  • Launched first ever on-premise summit in collaboration with Michigan team and national customer marketing team with on-premise operators and broker sales team.



1. Avoid using the phrase “responsible for.” Recruiters, HR professionals and hiring manager’s the same search for job accomplishments, not just responsibilities. It is vital that you list quantifiable examples of success. Refer to your semi-annual and/or annual performance reviews to help you generate strong, “yes-pile” worthy statements. Here is a sample of  questions to ask yourself as well:

  • What metrics was I accountable for achieving?
  • Did I achieve those goals, and if so by what margin, and in what time-frame?
  • What were some specific outcomes as a result of my ability to carry out my responsibilities exceptionally well?
  • In what specific ways did I contribute to bottom-line results for both my department and for the company as a whole?

2. Accomplishments can also include initiatives or process improvements that became best-practices as illustrated under the fourth bullet in this example. Awards and promotions may also be of value to mention.

3. If you managed a team, be specific as to the number of staff and note how your leadership skills influenced results.

4. Ideally, it is best to list no more than six value-stacked bullets under each position. Also, list only those that are most relevant to the objectives of each job description.

5. List up to ten years of work history that is relevant to the industry and the positions you target.

Let’s summarize what we have covered in part’s one and two on how to dramatically increase your interview response rate:

  • Incorporate value-stacked information into every section of your resume.
  • Provide a snap-shot of your “super-value” in the top section of your resume to entice the reader to continue reading.
  • Showcase quantifiable examples of success as a result of your ability to carry out your responsibilities exceptionally well in your “Professional Experience” section.

I will reveal how to implement my value-stacking technique into the bottom section of your resume in part three of this article series which will be published on 10/20/2014 .

In the meantime, you may access additional free job-winning tips, tools, sample resumes and more at www.careercoachsally.com.

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