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A Powerful Technique to Create a Resume That Hiring Executives will Rave About – Part Three

Posted November 3, 2014 by Sally Calloway in Uncategorized
education1In parts one and two of this three-part article series I provide tips and examples of how to stack, and prioritize relevant, valuable information that grabs the reader’s attention. Igniting, and fueling a continued interest to explore the whole document is, after all, the key to landing an interview.

Let’s explore my value-stacking strategies specific to your “Education” section.

As noted in article two, there are many variables to consider when determining where to place your education information. Academic professionals, recent graduates, and candidates who have fewer than five years of work experience are among those that may list education first. You might consider listing education before your work history if you recently changed careers, and have continued your education to support your new goals. IT and medical professionals are also among those who may list their education prior to their professional experience.

Otherwise, your “Education” information will be noted in the bottom section of your resume.

Typically it is best to note your education, and certifications in chronological order noting college degrees, certifications, and trainings that relate to, or support the objectives of the positions you are targeting. However, if you have a degree from a prestigious university, consider noting it first. The key is to customize your resume, including your “Education” section to match the requirements of the industry, position and job description.

The following example is from a resume of a professional in the hospitality industry. Though the section contents may seem long to some, the candidate lists information most relevant to the industry and position title as you should. Whether or not to list the dates earned is of debate as of late due to fear of age discrimination. Use your best judgment and go with your gut instincts.


Virginia Tech Northern Virginia Center, Falls Church, VA

Master of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Certification in:

•   Hospitality Franchising Management

•   Human Resource Management

•   Organizational Behavior Management

•   Fundamentals of Accounting

International College of Hospitality Administration (I.C.H.A), Brig, Switzerland

Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Administration

University Of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts

Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Administration

(Joint degree awarded by the above institutions)

International Hotel & Tourism Training Institute (IHTTI), Neuchatel, Switzerland

Certificate in Catering Service & Management

Additional tips and answers to common questions: 

•   If your degree is “in progress”, you may list the details with an anticipated graduation date.

•   If you are a recent college graduate, you may note relevant course-work, honors including GPA (only if it is higher than 3.0), scholarships, leadership roles (captain of football team, debate club president etc.). Once you have two or three more years of relevant work experience, you may drop the school-related activities.

•   If you lack in credentials in the education arena, consider listing relevant training, and professional development certifications earned.

•   Rarely should a candidate list high school information unless you are a current high school student or recent high school graduate entering into the workforce.

•   Consider having a section dedicated to “Technical Skills” on your resume when the industry, position, and job description call for an extensive background, and specific software knowledge is a must.

•   Don’t list everywhere you have attended. Especially if you only earned two credits. If you got further along in the program, you may, however, list the degree you are/were pursuing with attendance dates, and relevant coursework.

•   Include a license or trade when relevant to the position targeting (Ex: Esthetician).

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