Prevent Age-Related Drama at Work

Posted September 28, 2012 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder
Drama at work is not a new concept. And drama between women — well, we don’t even need to say anything about that topic. But what about another big piece of drama — between women…of different generations…at work. If you’re rising fast in your career, you’ll likely come to a time when you’re expected to supervise someone who is significantly older than you are. And this, among other situations in the office can cause — you guessed it — even more drama.

Lisa Nicole Bell recently wrote about just this topic in her Forbes article, “How Young Women in Charge Can Prevent Age-Related Drama at Work.” Her advice is solid and straight forward, and one point stood out to us most evidently:

Own your success. [ … ] Some older subordinates erroneously assume that a young woman in power has either “slept” her way there or has been handed her position as a favor. As someone who has worked hard to be in a position to produce my own projects, I resented the implication that I was somehow undeserving of my title and authority. You must own your successes and display them proudly. While it’s not necessary to brag or be self-indulgent, it is important to establish that you’re smart, capable, and in charge for good reason.

No matter the issue, no matter the generation, you will most certainly encounter drama from colleagues both older and younger than you. Approach the situation with a clear sense of self and you’ll find quelling the drama is easier than you thought.

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