We Know Everybody!

Career Girl Network is delighted to introduce to Career Girls everywhere our new We Know Everybody! services in 2013. Around the world, there are incredible women climbing the ladder of the business, nonprofit, and entrepreneurship worlds. Whether you’re self-employed, on the corporate ladder, searching for your next opportunity, or just looking for new and interesting ways to connect, these We Know Everybody! services are for you

The truth of the matter is this: We Know Everybody! Why? Because Career Girl Network is blessed to have staff, writers, advisors, readers, event attendees, Tweeters, Facebookers, LinkedIn users, and more who connect to us to get ahead. If there’s someone you want to find, we can find her (or him) for you!

Click on the images below to access information about our flagship We Know Everybody! programming: Mentoring Connections and Informational Interview Connections.

Mentoring Connections


Informational Interview Connections