We Know Everybody! Mentoring Connections


Finding a mentor, and more importantly, asking an incredible woman to become your mentor, can be one of the most nerve wracking and difficult tasks in any female professional’s career. Will she say no? How will she react? Will she be the right mentor for me? All of these questions often hold women back from finding the right mentor.

Worry no more, Career Girl Network is here to do the leg work for you! Our process is simple for you, and pairs you with the perfect mentor for your career.


The Mentorship Matching Process:

  • You’ll start by completing a short, but meaningful online questionnaire alerting CGN’s staff to what you need in a mentor.
  • Career Girl Network will schedule a time to talk with you one-on-one to learn more about what mentor might be best for you.
  • Career Girl Network connect you with an incredible mentor who has agreed to a  relationship with you that includes:
    • 3 months of mentorship
    • A minimum of 3 in-person meetings (may be conducted via Skype if mentor/mentees do not live in the same city)
    • Weekly check-in emails with your mentor to keep you focused on your goals