Push the Edge of Style: This Week, Wear a Tie!

Posted July 14, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand
In high school and college, I was mildly obsessed with the TV show Friends. My husband, every night at 11pm when I turn the channel to Nick at Nite, would tell you I still am! But more than the relationships on the show, I loved loved loved the fashion of Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Greene. In 2003, she wore a man’s neck tie tucked into an off-the-shoulder top, and I’ve always thought, “Could I wear a tie and pull it off?”

Here’s Rachel’s look:


So this week, I’m encouraging you all (and me!) to take a chance and instead of rocking a scarf to work, consider grabbing one of your male friend or partners’ ties and giving it a shot. Check out the Polyvore set below to see more ideas on how you might style a neck tie to remain feminine, including the iconic Annie Hall, and more. A few tips from this set:

  • Try the monochromatic look like the center photo – the same color tie and shirt.
  • Don’t go full-on menswear, and give a shot at a string tie look like the one on the bottom left.
  • This fall, grab a vest. A tie looks incredible underneath one.

Women Wearing Ties

And if you’re brave enough to try this trend, don’t fret on tying the tie. Click here for an awesome infographic on the many ways to tie a man’s neck tie!

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