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Quitting Time: 6 Reasons to Leave Your Job

Posted July 3, 2014 by Ali Lawrence in Career Moves
Every Career Girl has a dream: land an awesome job.

Some ladies find them – others don’t. But just because you think your current job isn’t The One doesn’t mean you should up and quit just yet.

We get that no one wants to work under an evil dictator of a boss or at a desk next to someone who refuses to wear deodorant. Seriously. We do. There are going to be some crummy things encountered at work, but you need to be smart about which ones actually pose grounds to quit.

These six reasons are perfectly acceptable justifications for your two weeks notice.

  • Your Situation Has Changed — Life is changing all the time. Getting married, having kids and having to be with family are all examples of significant changes that can draw you away from a job. If your job is in California but your mother’s health is fading in Pennsylvania, no one would blame you for transitioning. If your life needs are altered upon having a child, that’s reason enough as well. Evaluate your personal needs based on where life takes you, and recognize when you need a change.
  • Every Morning is Full of Dread — Life is too short to dread 40+ hours of every week. Waking up with work-related misery on a daily basis is not healthy and should definitely be avoided. If this sounds like you, you have two options: 1) change jobs or 2) change your attitude. If your attitude to life and work is the issue, quitting your job won’t change that.
  • There’s No Spark — Being passionate about your work is the only way to experience job fulfillment on a regular basis. Because you’re spending plenty of hours at work each week, being satisfied with your workplace is of the utmost importance. Being bored or unchallenged are two of the worst things you could be at your job. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of something specific outside your current field, like working in the medical field to get that instant gratification of helping another human being. If your dreams have been sitting on the back burner for too long, it might be time to quit respectfully. But before you do, make sure you have tried every possible way to get that spark. Perhaps all you’re missing is a honest talk with your boss about what you would like to do at the company.
  • Your Co-workers = Your Enemies — Sometimes people just don’t click. When you clash with people within your workplace, or if you clash with the overall culture and thus everyone involved in it, you’re mixed up in a recipe for misery. The same is true if you’re facing bullying or harassment. Make sure you are taking the necessary measures to have this behavior terminated. If there’s no end in sight and you won’t stand for such treatment (which you shouldn’t), bid your annoying co-workers adieu.
  • Your Company is Failing —  When your company starts to sink, it might be best to jump ship before you drown with it. You could know for a fact that your company is experiencing some troubles, or you could just lose faith in the direction it’s headed. Either way, you want to be happy and proud of your workplace. You want to have job security, too. So if the company you work for is actually falling into the hole, you want to be proactive; prepare yourself in case your job is cut.
  • Your Job Goes Against Your Morals —  While we all like to think this would never be the case, sadly, it happens all the time (and I’m talking from experience). If what you have to do at work goes against your morals, beliefs or core values then it is a perfectly reasonable response to quit or ask to be put in a different position.

Now, if any of these circumstances resonate with you, it might be time to evaluate your work situation.

If you do decide to quit, make sure you are prepared financially. Have another job lined up or make sure you have the funds to keep you going without an income for at least six months. At the end of the day, your happiness is what matters most.

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