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Raising the Bar

Posted May 29, 2014 by Denise DeGennaro in Life After Five
Lately I’ve been going to the bar before work.

You read correctly! When I say bar, I don’t mean drinking bar – I mean The Bar Method, as in ballet bar. I started classes at The Bar Method – Boston about a month ago and I am hooked.

In February/March, I embarked on a journey to get fit for the summer. Shortly thereafter, I injured my foot while running (read: trying to jog) on the treadmill. My hurt foot left my plans thwarted! Not to mention, I do not like exercising. I feel like an idiot at the gym and find it truly boring. “Runners high” sounds like a strange myth to me! In college, I was in the best shape when I did yoga and belly dancing classes. Exercise classes make me feel accountable, and as an extrovert, I enjoy the social aspect too. Since I am still fairly new to Boston, I took to Yelp to find recommendations for classes (it works for restaurants, and that’s how I found my dentist, so why not!). The Bar Method had rave reviews. These “bar” types of workouts (Pure Barre is another player in this arena, amongst others) have been trending lately, too. Kelly Osbourne attributes The Bar Method to helping her shed an impressive 42 pounds, and Zooey Deschanel uses it to stay in shape. Chrissy Teigen does the bar-based Physique 57, as well…to name a few.

It took me a bit of courage to work up going for two main reasons:

  1. It’s pretty pricey. Classes are $100 for 6 weeks unlimited as a new client special, and $150/month thereafter. Each individual class runs the $20-26 depending on your studio. I rationalized this by telling myself that investing in my health will yield a much better return than spending $100 on say, shoes/Sephora/another one of my guilty pleasures.
  2. I’m easily intimidated. Boston is a very active and in-shape city, and I constantly feel like I am not in shape. Many Yelp reviews said the workout is tough and leave you sore and that the instructors call you by name and will correct you in class – yikes! The reviews also said, however, that the instructors are great and that they see real results. I decided that the only way to get in shape is to start, so I bit the bullet and signed up for my new client special!

Now that I have about 13 classes under my belt (woohoo!) I can say that the investment and risk of intimidated were both really worth it.

  • Bar Method is low-impact, so it’s great for my foot problem and my scoliosis-induced back pain.
  • The instructors really make a difference. They are warm, welcoming, know everyone’s name, and do indeed make corrections. Now I welcome these, because I know it will only help my form and practice.
  • There are tons of classes offered, and you can sign up online. This really helps keep me in check and allows me to plan ahead. I go before work which is sometimes tough, but I know that I’ll be thankful once I’m there.
  • It is challenging, and it does leave you sore, but finishing each class feels like a real accomplishment!
  • As a former dancer, I still love the feeling of being in a studio with mirrors and the bar!

I know that my diet needs work, but finding a great workout that I actually do is really exciting! Want to give it a try? If there are no studios near you, check out a dvd or some online videos!

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Denise DeGennaro

Denise DeGennaro is a student affairs professional who helps undergrad and graduate students (and sometimes friends and family) at all stages in their transitions from school to career. She is an expert resume and cover letter writer and reviewer. Denise received her Master's in Higher Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Outside of work, Denise enjoys all things girly and loves testing out the latest beauty and nail art trends.