Real Leaders Carry Both Depth and Passion

Posted June 28, 2012 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder

Erika Anderson, a Forbes contributor, wrote an article recently that really made me think. She starts it like this:

Just read a very funny and true post on the HBR Blog by Joel Stein called Boringness: The Secret to Great Leadership.  Joel talks about how his images of great leaders “were based mainly on movies and sports. I figured great leaders did a lot of alpha-male yelling and inspirational speechmaking.”

Reading this, I agreed with Joel. Was this not right? Were real leaders not banging their fists on tables and screaming down hallways? Were the images of Steve Jobs yelling at employees not the real test of a leader? Until earlier this year, that’s exactly what I believed. I believed to be a strong leader, you had to be somewhat of a tyrant. I realize now, however, that this is a complete falsehood, perpetuated by movies and sports, as Joel and Erika say openly.

Erika’s article, “Passion Leaders Aren’t Loud, They’re Deep” goes on to tell us the key leadership traits a good leader must have and how, while passion is definitely key, “True passion requires honestly committing to something about which you feel deeply, and staying committed through difficult circumstances.”


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