Refinery29’s How to Be Blissfully Happy in 2013

Posted December 31, 2012 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder

At the end of any year, you may have certain goals. To make more money, to find new friends or relationships, to enhance your career. But wouldn’t all of that be trumped by being able to say you were “blissfully happy”? Sure it would! That’s why I was so excited to see that Refinery 29 threw out the talk of productivity and financial fitness (although those things are incredibly important and addressed in the slideshow, too) and titled their New Year’s Slideshow “How to Be Blissfully Happy in 2013.”

Here are a few of our favorite notes from R29’s list:

Make a special place in your home for something that’s important to you, whether it’s jewelry, arts and crafts, music, or wine. It will add a unique touch to your living space, and every time you see it, it’s pretty much guaranteed to lift your spirits.” Much more fun than vacuuming, no?

To find out if you’re (really) getting enough sleep, ask yourself a few questions, says Rubin. “Do you wake up naturally? Do you fall asleep every time you’re in a quiet place? If so, you’re probably not getting enough shut-eye at night.” If this describes you, try this: count back seven hours from the time that you usually set your alarm for to find your ideal bedtime, and try to hit the hay that time every night. This may not be the easiest tip, but we’d say the benefits (happiness, healthfulness, even prettier skin!) make the pursuit of zzz’s more than worth it.

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