Posted April 28, 2011 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder

I have a dear friend who has many good qualities. He is funny and well dressed, intelligent and thoughtful. But whenever I tell people about him, I boast the same trait of his first and foremost. I say, “He always does exactly what he says he’s going to do.” And this morning, it got me thinking. What is that quality? Can it be quantified?

And suddenly, it occurred to me – it’s a trait we don’t often talk about. Reliability. Interviewing for jobs, we boast our innovation, our loyalty, our work ethic. We often list our stellar communication skills, our professionalism, and our energetic nature. But how often do we boast about reliability? We should. Everyone should. It’s a quality we all look for in friends, in family members and in employees.

Being reliable isn’t just about showing up on time. That’s punctuality. Being reliable isn’t about answer the phone when someone calls. That’s availability. Being reliable isn’t about getting projects in on time. That’s just organization skills. True reliability is exactly what I boast about my friend – doing exactly what you say you’re going to do every single time. That kind of reliability is difficult to find. But if you have that kind of reliability, by all means, show it off! It’s a trait every team needs.

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Marcy Twete is a career fundraiser turned corporate responsibility executive, a career and networking expert and the author of the book "You Know Everybody! A Career Girl’s Guide to Building a Network That Works."