Remember M.A.S.H.? It Still Works!

Posted February 9, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

If you were ever a pre-teen girl, I’m sure you remember MASH. Who would you marry? What job would you have? What kind of house would be yours? Everyone did it a little differently, but nonetheless it was a predictor of our future that never really worked out. How was it that your best friend always ended up “married” to the hottest guy in school and you ended up with the dork. Little did we know at that time that the dorks end up making the most money and the best husbands, right?

Our friends at LearnVest have come up with a phenomenal adult version of MASH. Here’s what it is:

It’s like the M.A.S.H. game from your childhood–but instead of writing down the name of the person you want to someday marry, you’re telling us if you want a second home, how many kids you plan on having and what kind of vacations you dream of.

And, in turn, the calculator will tell you what kind of household income you’ll need to accomplish it.

Of course, the calculator can only give you a ballpark estimate. After all, you may end up with more (or fewer) kids than you had planned for, or when you retire, you may decide you miss working and want to go back part-time.

Click here to check out LearnVest’s new feature and MASH for yourself!

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