Repeat After Me: Mantras For Daily Life

Posted November 19, 2013 by Danielle Bilbruck in On the Ladder

Sometimes, the world gets the best of us.

When crazy things happen, it can be easy to panic or lose sight of what’s important. Going through the death spiral of negativity can be difficult to stop, but unless you can, it’s tough to move forward. But how do you re-focus? There are plenty of ways to start the process of getting centered again; one of them is to find a phrase that resonates with you, and repeat it to yourself until you feel like you are capable of taking on the rest of the world.

Jeff Haden over at understands. He goes through a list of his own mantras, as well as mantras of Matt Church at ThoughtLeadersGlobal that could be good starting points for you while you find your own phrase that keeps you grounded. A couple of my favorites from the article:

  • “You don’t have to listen to everything you hear.”


  • “We all have limits. But almost no one reaches theirs.” You may not be able to run a half-marathon, but if I offered you a million dollars, I feel sure you’d find a way to struggle through all 13 miles. What we think we can do is always–always–less than what we can really do if we really, really try.

Here are a few others I enjoy in my own life:

  • What do I have to be thankful for?” Although this is a question, it’s a good place to start. When things seem like they’re going extremely wrong, start to think about what you are grateful for in your life. Taking time to think on this will take time away from freaking out, and the gratitude you start to feel can take the place of any frustration you’ve had.
  • Don’t look back; you’re not going that direction.” Ever made a mistake? I know I have. It can be easy to dwell on past errors, especially if you’re still dealing with the consequences. But what does it accomplish? Keep looking forward–you wouldn’t walk down the street looking behind you! What about all of the destination that lies ahead, including future obstacles or excitements? These are things to focus on.
  • Suck it up, princess, and put your big girl panties on.While this one may not be for everyone, there are some of us that need tough love, even from ourselves. I realized this when I would call my father panicking about a situation. He would provide me with possible solutions, and I would tearfully shoot each of them down, saying I’d already thought of those. Finally, exasperated, he would say, “Well then, suck it up, princess…I don’t know what to tell you.” This, oddly enough, was exactly what I needed to stop crying and go, “Oh. Yeah. I guess you’re right.” Sometimes there are no ways over or under or around the obstacle in your path, so the only choice is to barrel right through it. You will need the big girl panties to be well-equipped to do this.

You must know yourself well enough to know what kind of phrases are going to be motivating, inspiring, calming, reinvigorating, or challenging. Start to think on things you’ve heard said or written that ignited these emotions in you and consider using them for a week to see what kind of clarity they help bring.

Or, if you already use your own mantras, share them here for others to consider as well!

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