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Report: Women Entrepreneurs Are Some of the Happiest People

Posted February 7, 2014 by Lisa Granshaw in On the Ladder

Any Career Girl entrepreneur can tell you that there are plenty of perks to being your own boss. Most of the time being able to make your own choices makes you much happier than when you were taking orders from someone else. Of course there are downsides to figuring everything out yourself, but overall it tends to be a very rewarding experience.

Now a new report released this month is stating officially that female entrepreneurs are typically extremely happy people. According to The Huffington Post, this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report,

Compared the personal well-being and job satisfaction of individuals who start or manage businesses in 70 economies with that of people who don’t engage in entrepreneurial activities.

Both male and female entrepreneurs were revealed to have more satisfaction in their lives when it came to work and personal areas but women in particular had a “a higher degree of subjective well-being.” Beyond this the report didn’t reveal much. It states that “entrepreneurship rates are lower among women relative to men” and does not explain why women may be happier. The Huffington Post offers three possibilities but there are definitely more.

According to CNBC.com the report also revealed that almost half of Americans understand entrepreneur opportunities, which results in more people launching their own businesses. All of this data seems to indicate that it may be the right time to take that step into entrepreneurship if you’ve been waiting to take the plunge. With opportunities everywhere and women shown to be happier out on their own, 2014 might just be the year of the Career Girl entrepreneur!

Check out the full articles on The Huffington Post and CNBC.com.

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