Resume Tip Numero Uno: PDF It!

Posted August 12, 2011 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand

Some tips you just think you’ll never have to give. But this one is a MUST, and recently I’ve seen a number of job seekers who are not doing this. So for the benefit of one and all, here’s the most important resume tip I can give you: PDF IT!

Which version of Microsoft Word do you have? Which version does the person you’re sending your resume have? Which version does the person they forward that resume to have? You don’t know. Therefore, you cannot guarantee under any circumstances that the beautiful formatting you’ve painstakingly created on your home computer will show up as beautiful formatting on the hiring manager’s computer. And after hours and hours spent designing your resume and writing those cover letters, wouldn’t it be terrible to throw it all away for a formatting problem that pushes your signature onto a strange 2nd page that costs the company paper and makes your resume look unprofessional. Or worse yet, using a professional font the hiring company doesn’t have an having it show up as something terrible like Comic Sans?

To avoid these resume blunders, follow this rule: Every time you submit a resume, online or via email, it should be in PDF format. Your professionalism will shine through in the smallest of details.

If you don’t have a Mac with PDF function or the newest version of Microsoft Office, download a free PDF writer like Cute PDF from You’ll be PDFing in no time and your job search will thank you for it.

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