Rise & Shine! How to Establish a Morning Routine

Posted July 3, 2013 by Kristen Zavo in Life After Five
Although many of us fight it, most would agree that waking up early is good for us. Some would even go as far as to say it is essential to success in our careershealth, even our overall happiness. No matter what your opinion, there’s no arguing that an unrushed morning sets the tone for the day, giving us time to do what is important to us – whether it be to hit the gym or meditate, catch up on emails, revise and re-prioritze our to-do lists, and also to have a good breakfast or linger over a cup of coffee while reading the news.

If you are not already in the routine of waking up early, summertime is the best time to give it a shot. Longer days and earlier morning light means it will be easier to get up and out of bed. Enjoy the infographic below “How to Become a Morning Person” from Greatist, one of my favorite online sources for all things health and fitness. Below, you will find wonderful tips on how to start, maintain, and (gasp!) even look forward to your morning routine.

Morning Person Infographic-01_0

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