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Posted September 19, 2012 by Marcy Farrey in On the Ladder
You’ve probably heard of “Say Yes to the Dress.” But for all of you Career Girls out there — married, engaged, or single — are you saying “Yes” to Success?

Sometimes we say “Yes” to things we shouldn’t, and sometimes we so “No” to the experiences we fear won’t work out. Imagine what would happen if we reversed that? What if we said “Yes” to the things we were unsure of — to the things we feared most?

I began thinking about this idea when Little Pink Book wrote about Kajiya Wynn Berry, founder of WindWishes. Berry launched the YES! Campaign, which encourages people to creatively share the “Yes” moments in their lives — and what happened as a result. I asked myself where the “Yes” moments were in my life: I said yes to my first broadcast news job, I said yes to leaving broadcast news for graduate school, I said yes to working at Career Girl Network. Was I afraid to take all of these steps? Absolutely. Do I regret making these decisions? Absolutely not.

In our career, and in the rest of our lives, we fear what we don’t know: we fear the uncertainty that comes with risk-taking. In her video on, Forleo explains that in many ways, we fear success. We have to get our subconscious aligned with what we want. She says:

It doesn’t matter how much you say you want success, if you believe somewhere deep inside that success equals some kind of pain (loss of freedom, loss of time with your family, loss of love, rejection, embarrassment, vulnerability or shame) you will NOT let yourself do what it takes to succeed.

I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing when I decided to return to graduate school for writing. I feared that maybe I’d never find a job again, or that I’d waste two years and end up realizing that broadcast news was all I knew how to do. None of these things turned out to be true. Instead, I have a graduate degree that helped me grow and realize who I was. I have the first job I’ve ever truly loved. What ultimately brings an idea or dream to fruition is simply letting yourself say “Yes.”

Ask yourself — are you saying “Yes” to the right opportunities, or are you holding back out of fear? Read the full article on Little Pink Book here, then watch Marie Forleo’s video and follow the steps — you might be surprised by what you learn about yourself and your subconscious.

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Marcy Farrey

Marcy Farrey is a videographer, writer, and editor. In her previous life, she worked as a broadcast news reporter and producer in Lincoln, Nebraska and as a writer and producer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has a Master of Arts in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University and a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University. Learn more about Marcy on her website



    Great article, Marcy!

    I remember reading a marketing study about how people are so afraid of the unknown that they’ll actually stick with something they DON’T LIKE because at least they already know, instead of risking something new being even worse.

    That was a real eye-opener for me and reminds me to do a gut-check when I want to say no to something that scares me…


      I totally agree Kelley — I think a lot of people avoid taking the risk. And sometimes when you tell people you are taking a risk, they’ll be negative about it and try to point out reasons why you shouldn’t. I’ve had to learn to shut that out too. You have to listen to yourself and go after what you really want!

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