Secrets to Kicking Your Bad Mood

Posted October 31, 2012 by Marcy Farrey in On the Ladder

This week, I had one of those days. We all have them: we forget our phone, we miss our train or get stuck in traffic, we’re late to an important meeting, we spill coffee on our favorite blouse…Basically anything that can go wrong does, and it seems never-ending. And I’ll admit I get quite cranky on days like this. I used to vent on Facebook when I was younger, and then I realized how annoying it was when other people did it. Instead, let’s all find a healthier way to beat our bad moods — and spare your Facebook friends, please!

Here’s a few great ways to brighten up your day:

Start every day with a positive activity. If you get up and practice yoga or hit the gym, this could boost your energy for the day and clear your mind. Our productivity expert, Melissa Foster Cook, wrote a great post about how to start your day and maximize productivity. She recommends a gratitude journal. Starting your day with gratitude is much better than starting it with “I wish I didn’t have to get up right now.”

Call or visit a friend. A recent post from on “How to Bust a Bad Mood” references some psychology research on breaking the bad mood cycle. The study found that most people feel better after calling or meeting with friends. After a negative interaction, counteract it with a positive one. Vent a little, but not too much — the goal is to move on to happier times! And your friends can naturally help you do that.

Keep a positive picture physically near you. You might remember Marcy Twete’s post on the correlation between looking at cute pictures of animals online and productivity. Yes, this is a silly but great way to get an instant smile. Another is to put a positive picture on your desktop background. I keep one of a bright orange gerber daisy on mine, and it instantly adds some brightness to my day. You can also keep pictures of friends or family on hand. Frame them and set them on your desk or create a slideshow screensaver.

Keep a quote journal. As a writer, I love to collect great quotes and wisdom on writing. They help keep me grounded in why I love writing, even on days when I seem to have writers block. You can keep a quote journal about anything — as long as it inspires you! When you’re hitting a low point, flip through it and remember the better things in life.

These are just a few ways I fight a bad mood. What do you Career Girls do when you feel a bad day coming on? Share your wisdom with us!

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