Self Sabotage

Posted May 16, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

In Brene Brown’s now iconic TED Talk, she talks openly about the “Man in the Arena” concept. We spend our lives waiting to enter the arena, with the voice inside us saying, “You’re not good enough.” And when we finally take the risk and enter the arena, the voice inside us changes and becomes our own worst enemy saying, “Who do you think you are?” And inevitably, what follows this experience is a round of self-sabotage.

We sabotage our diets, our workouts, our relationships, and our careers – sometimes because we truly don’t believe we’re worthy of the goal we’re pursuing, other times because we lack self-confidence in the ability to meet the goal. I’m as guilty of it as anyone, and we all do it eventually. Self-sabotage is saying, “Oh, well, I guess I’ll start again on Monday.” Self-sabotage is letting someone else take credit for your work because you don’t want to rock the boat.

Since we’re all guilty of it, I was delighted to see the article “How to Defeat Self-Sabotage So You Can Really Get What You Want” on Forbes recently. In it, writer Susan Falcone outlines a foolproof plan to get honest with yourself, rid yourself of guilt, and ultimately make the progress you need to pursue your goals and be successful without the constant self-sabotage wheel.

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