What Sex in The City Taught Me About Confidence

Posted January 27, 2014 by Alexis LaRee in Building Your Brand
I’ve been a huge fan of Sex and the City for as long as I can remember.  Initially, I was drawn in due to my love of New York City.  I enjoyed watching the scenery surround the four main characters – from the walks in Central Park to the ritualistic gatherings of these women in coffee shops throughout Manhattan.  Eventually however, I had come to adore those four women more than the New York scenery itself as they strutted through the Big Apple.  Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, they all became “my girls” so to speak.  After years of watching every episode of every season over and over, I realized that not only did I enjoy keeping up with these fictional women’s lives for pure entertainment, but I had learned my own lessons from them in confidence, both personally and professionally:

  • Carrie — Miss Carrie Bradshaw taught me that love is something we should never give up on.  Through all of the heartache she endures with Mr. Big, she continues to believe that true love really exists.  After many unsuccessful relationships with men, we women can sometimes put a stereotype on men that they are all the same which hinders us from believing that our hearts are in safe hands.  Carrie never struck me as such a woman though.  She picks herself back up after each breakup and puts herself out there to meet new men with confidence.  She always holds on to the strength, hope, and faith that despite the hardships of the previous relationship, there is someone out there who will show her who Prince Charming really is.
  • Miranda — A woman of my own heart, Miranda “the lawyer” is all about career advancement.  Miranda isn’t afraid of success and networks her way into partner of her firm.  She knows this is her end goal for her career and she goes for it with full force.  Becoming a single mother (until of course she and Steve decided to tie the knot), Miranda breaks all stereotypes that consistently seem to be thrown at single mothers by continuing to balance work and motherhood.
  • Charlotte — From Charlotte I learned how to stay true to my core values.  She might be hesitant to explore her sexuality and try new things, but I admire her ability to stick to her values.  When it comes to love, like Carrie, she doesn’t give up, however unlike Carrie, she’s “exhausted, where is he?” (If you watch the series religiously like me, you’ll recognize this quote).  Charlotte, with her classic style in life and love, isn’t afraid to put her career on the line for marriage and motherhood.  While this isn’t my personal life choice, I think that her fearlessness to choose love first is inspiring to women who put their dreams of love and family high above anything else.  Charlotte shows that it is okay to follow our hearts and sacrifice our careers to become stay at home mothers and wives.
  • Samantha — Personally, I love Samantha the most out of these four wonderful women despite the truth that I am nothing like her.  She has an insane amount of confidence about her that radiates in every way that she presents herself.  She proves herself to be capable of generating and handling clients just as well as the men in her industry, and that sticks out to me greatly.  Many times we women are faced with the perception that we are “too emotional” to lead and conquer, but Samantha leads and conquers men and her career throughout the entire six season series and on.  However, not only did I notice that she conquers men and her career successfully, but she leads and conquers her own life despite controversy over her sexuality and judgment of some of her choices.  Samantha owns who she is, putting emotions to the side – she gets things done.

Who are some of the fictional Career Girls that you’ve learned life lessons from?

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