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Have You Thought About Law School?

Posted September 18, 2013 by Career Girl Network in Features


Maybe you were watching “The Practice” or reading a John Grisham novel. Perhaps it was during “Law and Order: SVU” or seeing a well-dressed woman with a stack of legal pads strutting down the street. But at one time or another, we’ve all thought, “Man, it would be cool to be a lawyer.” But then, for most people, reality kicks in and we remember that the letters J.D. behind your name come with law school loans, the bar exam, and all the hurdles that come with a legal education.

But if you get past all that baggage and you’re still dreaming about being a lawyer, what is it really like? Find out with the podcast below from our friend Shayna Cook, Partner at Goldman Ismail Tomaselli Brennan and Baum in Chicago.

She’s giving you the skinny on what it’s like to work in multiple different firm environments, and what going through law school and being a lawyer is like for her.


About Shayna:

As a Partner at Goldman Ismail Tomaselli Brenna & Baum LLP, Shayna prepares high-stakes cases for trial in state and federal courts across the country. From pre-suit investigation through fact and expert discovery and a verdict at trial, Shayna’s trial experience enables her to craft a strategy tailored to achieve the best result.

Shayna represents multinational clients in a variety of commercial litigation, including intellectual property, product liability, and contract disputes. In addition to trying cases, Shayna’s expertise extends to taking and defending fact and expert witnesses’ depositions, negotiating with opposing counsel, and preparing and arguing key motions such as motions in limine and summary judgment motions.


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