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She Knows Everybody! Feature: Angela Elbert

Posted July 31, 2013 by Career Girl Network in Features
One of the most exciting parts of You Know Everybody! are Marcy’s interviews with ten incredible female executives. Each week this summer, we’ll highlight one of these incredible women and share with you their “Best of the Best Networking Advice” from You Know Everybody!


Today, we’re sharing with you an excerpt from our “She Knows Everybody!” section with Angela Elbert, Partner at Neal, Gerber, Eisenberg in Chicago.

Angela’s “Best of the Best” in Networking Advice

Marcy ended each of the interviews completed for You Know Everybody! by asking each woman to provide to the book’s readers her best networking tips and advice. The section below is an excerpt from a speech given by Angela Elbert to the Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law in 2012.

“Here is how I do it and my own personal manifesto that I do my best to live by:

  • Work hard, but know that you can’t do it all yourself, so surround yourself with really smart and talented people and freely rely on them for help, and ask for what you want and need.
  • Stop expecting things to go perfectly or for yourself to be perfect. Be willing to allow “good enough” where appropriate, while always striving to improve.
  • Say “no” or impose limits when you need to – while we sometimes play one on TV, we are not superheroes.
  • Be in control and act intentionally. Live in the present and focus your attention on what needs to be done at the moment or what you are doing at the moment.
  • Shamelessly cheer for and promote yourself while you make many new relationships with people and, if and when appropriate, ask them for work.
  • Hug and snuggle with my boys – all three of them – almost every day. They ground me.
  • Putting my manifesto into action, slowly, my plan seems to be working. It hasn’t happened overnight, but it is growing, as are my wonderful sons and as is my network of support from family, friends and colleagues. I’m not as afraid now as I once was. I feel more confident that this path is the one I was meant to be on and that I can do it. Because I am doing it.”

If you loved this excerpt of You Know Everybody!, order the book now by clicking here. You’ll find much more from Angela Elbert and nine other female executives with incredible networking tips.

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