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She Knows Everybody! Feature: Archelle Georgiou

Posted July 11, 2013 by Career Girl Network in Features

One of the most exciting parts of You Know Everybody! are Marcy’s interviews with ten incredible female executives. Each week this summer, we’ll highlight one of these incredible women and share with you their “Best of the Best Networking Advice” from You Know Everybody!


Today, we’re sharing with you an excerpt from our “She Knows Everybody!” section with Archelle Georgiou from Georgiou Consulting.

Archelle’s “Best of the Best” in Networking Advice

Marcy ended each of the interviews completed for You Know Everybody! by asking each woman to provide to the book’s readers her best networking tips and advice. Here are Archelle’s tips and tricks

  • Have coffee with anyone! Archelle told me about the owner of a small car service she often calls to take her to the airport in Minneapolis from her home in the western suburbs. She regularly has conversations with this man about his business, his life, her business, and her life. In his job, he transports and meets many important people. One of his frequent clients from Seattle happened to be an executive in a hospital construction company. He asked Archelle if he could pass her contact information along to this man. She said yes and the two had coffee the next day, discovering incredible synergies between their businesses. Too many women would think, “I’m not meeting some stranger introduced to me by my valet service!” Instead, have coffee with anyone! You never know where it might lead.
  • Listen EVERYWHERE! Archelle’s theme in this chapter was listening – both to yourself and to others. Meaningful introductions (to your new hair stylist, your business’ co-founder, or your next boss) could be anywhere! If you shut off certain situations as personal and others as professional, you’ll never find the introductions that can be so powerful in your career.
  • Blog, Career Girls, Blog. Archelle cited the creation of and careful care of her blog as a huge part of her success. By giving herself a place to regularly share her views and appropriately promoting that place, she has made herself an industry thought leader, someone who is top of mind for other professionals in her area of expertise, and has shown other media outlets that her blog is a place for a thoughtful, well-written, and unique point of view in the field of healthcare. Archelle’s blog and her ability to self-promote have landed her countless television appearances, including a 2012 spot on the Katie Couric Show.
  • Write it down so you can visualize it. Speaking of Katie Couric, Archelle had a big piece of advice that came from her own experiences. When you want something, put it in writing. Archelle makes a yearly personal business plan (pretty good advice, considering we’re giving you the tools in Chapter 4!), and in 2012 she included a photo of Katie Couric in the plan. She followed Katie on Facebook and Twitter, watched her new talk show regularly, and through her spokesperson relationship with Healthgrades, appeared on Katie’s show. Whether you believe in “The Secret” or just like the idea of making a plan, write down what you want to do this year with your network. It’s much more likely to manifest when it’s on paper in ink.

If you loved this excerpt of You Know Everybody!, order the book now by clicking here. You’ll find much more from Archelle Georgiou and nine other female executives with incredible networking tips.

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