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She Knows Everybody! Feature: Beth Ruske

Posted July 25, 2013 by Career Girl Network in Features

One of the most exciting parts of You Know Everybody! are Marcy’s interviews with ten incredible female executives. Each week this summer, we’ll highlight one of these incredible women and share with you their “Best of the Best Networking Advice” from You Know Everybody!


Today, we’re sharing with you an excerpt from our “She Knows Everybody!” section with Beth Ruske from Tiara Coaching.

Beth’s “Best of the Best” in Networking Advice

Marcy ended each of the interviews completed for You Know Everybody! by asking each woman to provide to the book’s readers her best networking tips and advice. Here are Beth’s tips and tricks

  • Do it young! Don’t wait until you’re 40, Beth says, and you’re figuring out some big career change and thinking, “Oh, damn, I should be networking.” By reading this book, you’re already ahead of the game. Just starting is a huge piece of the puzzle.
  • Do it in a way that works for you. Beth and I talked about how so many people are afraid to go to networking events. Her advice? “If you don’t want to go by yourself and you know you’re never going to go on your own, then do it with a friend. Find someone you admire, who you think is a great networker, and ask her where she’s going next. Can you come with?” You don’t need to be a great networker on your own, you just have to figure out what will work for you and strategize around it. If that means going in a group, then find that group!
  • Women are already great networkers. So many times, Beth says, she sees women being networking experts in their own lives, but for other people. “We do it for our children! We do it when it comes to shopping, and so many other areas. But the moment you ask a woman to network for her own gain, she gets stopped. That’s a huge mistake.” If you’re comfortable asking someone to recommend a daycare for your child or her favorite shoe store or hair stylist, why is it so different to ask for a recommendation for a job or a business opportunity? It’s not! All of these propositions are in the same venue. You already have the skill. Beth says, “Go ahead and chat about it!”

If you loved this excerpt of You Know Everybody!, order the book now by clicking here. You’ll find much more from Beth Ruske and nine other female executives with incredible networking tips.

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