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She Knows Everybody! Feature: Mary Blegen

Posted June 13, 2013 by Career Girl Network in Features

One of the most exciting parts of You Know Everybody! are Marcy’s interviews with ten incredible female executives. Each week this summer, we’ll highlight one of these incredible women and share with you their “Best of the Best Networking Advice” from You Know Everybody!


Today, we’re sharing with you an excerpt from our “She Knows Everybody!” section with Mary Blegen from U.S. Bank.

Mary’s “Best of the Best” in Networking Advice

Marcy ended each of the interviews completed for You Know Everybody! by asking each woman to provide to the book’s readers her best networking tips and advice. Here are Mary’s tips and tricks

  • Get the List! Being a volunteer on a committee for an organization or a Board member gives you special perks, and sometimes that means you can get the list of who’s who at a networking event before you attend. Mary does this frequently, and goes to every event with a clear, targeted approach to who she wants to meet and talk to and what she wants to talk about. She carries that mission throughout the event.
  • Take a Risk! Mary says, “I’m an introvert in many ways, but I’ve worked hard at developing this specific skill: walk in, scan the room, and look for the group of women who truly seem to know each other well. Then go jump right in with that group.” Those kinds of groups can be incredibly intimidating, but because they have already developed camaraderie, they may be a fun group to jump into, and one you can ask good questions of and learn about quickly.
  • If you feel left out, it’s because you left yourself out! Sure, you can stand in a corner at a networking event and say there were no good people to talk to there, but the truth is, your networking is up to you. If you leave an event feeling empty and like a failure, it’s because you allowed yourself to feel that way. It’s up to you to take the reigns and jump into a conversation.

If you loved this excerpt of You Know Everybody!, order the book now by clicking here. You’ll find much more from Mary Blegen and nine other female executives with incredible networking tips.

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