Should You Expand Your Job Search Across the Pond?

Posted April 25, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Career Moves

Perhaps you’re an adventurer and you’ve always wanted to move abroad. The most common way to get a job across the pond is to find a way to move with your current company based in USA. But that’s not to say it’s impossible to apply for jobs abroad and get the gig.

Our friends at Careerealism recently published an incredible guide to doing just that with “How Resumes Differ From Country to Country.” It’s not just the uphill battle of getting a foreign company to move you or take a chance on you, it’s also a matter of respecting the resume differences you’ll find in each area.

Here’s what Careerealism has to say about Europe, specifically.

European Requirements

The rules for resume writing changed substantially in Europe. As part of the European Union (EU), all members follow the same resume criteria and format. The Europass CV was created to “provide citizens with the opportunity to present in clear and comprehensive way information on their qualifications and competences.”

This is a fantastic idea for people applying for roles in Europe as there is a standard template to complete that avoids issues such as cultural differences and different requirements between the countries.

While this may be good for a French national applying for a role in Belgium, the rules change when applying to countries such as the USA, Australia, or Asia.

It is typical to see information such as nationality, date of birth and gender on European and Asian resumes.

In South Africa, it is even required to have even further personal information such as ID number and ethnicity (the latter to clarify one’s BEE or affirmative action status).

In Australia and the US, however, stricter privacy laws make this personal information unnecessary. In the US, an employer has no legal right to know your age. (They do have a right, however, to ask your age only if local, state, or federal law requires that employees be over a certain age.)

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