Single Career Girl: Dating During the Holidays

Posted December 15, 2012 by Marcy Farrey in Life After Five

It’s the holidays and everyone is getting cozy with their loved ones. All of the movies on TV are about people finding love during the holidays. Everyone is coming together, and maybe you’re starting to feel a little left out as the Single Career Girl. Maybe you find yourself stepping back from the dating scene because the holidays are never a good time to start something new.

But is it possible that we’re using the holidays as an excuse to hide away, causing us to approach the idea of meeting new people with less charm and enthusiasm? “Dating more will be part of my New Year’s resolution,” you might say. But you shouldn’t lose your motivation to get out there and date during the holidays — in fact, this is a GREAT time to meet people, for your career or personal life. Marcy Twete told you earlier this month that December is a good month for networking, and that you shouldn’t stop looking for a job or stop trying to get ahead in your career. Yes, you should go on vacation and take a little break for the holidays — but you don’t need to put everything on hold because it’s December. Don’t let discouragement take over and cause you to lose these great opportunities.

Here’s a few ways you might unexpectedly meet someone great this holiday season — or at the very least have some fun, meet new friends, and feel good about getting out there:

  • Non-Work-Related Holiday Parties. Did your friend ask you to go to her company holiday party, or were you invited to a neighbor’s annual holiday party at her home? If your schedule allows, get out of the house and check it out! You can always go and leave early, but you won’t know what it’s like unless you actually go.
  • Club, Association, or Organization Holiday Parties. A lot of organizations and professional groups have annual holiday parties. Not only are these great for networking, but you’ll meet a wide range of people who run in different circles. Some people might not go to many events during the year, but always make it out for the annual holiday party. Check it out and be willing to mingle.
  • Join a dating website. Again, people think it’s better to do this in the new year. But a lot of dating sites are offering special deals right now for the holidays. Yes, the sites might offer another deal in January, but why not take advantage now and get a head start, before that influx of people enter in January?
  • Singles Holiday Mixers. Some matchmaking and dating companies host annual holiday parties, and it’s worth checking a few out. There will be a lot of people at these events, so know going in that it might be harder to make strong connections. Try to mingle as much as you can and not stay with the same person or group most of the night.
  • Volunteer. There are so many great opportunities to give back during the holiday season. Find a way to give back that shares your talents and that you’re excited about — you’ll meet other likeminded people who also value giving back.

Whatever holiday activities you like to do, keep doing them — single or not. If you like to go ice skating, go solo or find a friend. Just get out and do what you enjoy, and be open to meeting other people when you go out and do these activities. You never know who you’ll run into!

As always, the more people you meet, the bigger your circle gets. Those people know people you haven’t met yet — and maybe they’ll introduce you to someone you really hit it off with. Be open and be engaging, just as you would when you’re out networking. Consider it another exercise in expanding your network.


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