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Posted July 18, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Leaders We Adore

Sure, your school may have had the best celebrity graduation speaker ever, but are they really the best source of advice. What about turning to those lesser recognized, but often just as influential characters in your college or B-school experience? The deans! Forbes has taken the advice of just those individuals, Directors and Deans of some of the best B-schools in the nation and asked them their advice for 2012 grads – advice that is easily applicable in all of our careers.

My favorite piece of B-school Dean advice from this article are below:

Bob Bruner, Dean of Darden School of Business : I wish you all moral courage to get after the problems that really matter, whether they be in your companies, your communities, or your nations.

Nick Barniville, MBA Programme Director at ESMT: Think of how you would like to be remembered and work backwards.

Philippe Oster, MBA Admissions Director at HEC Paris: Use social media with social grace. Such online platforms are likely to play an ever greater role in your professional life, but remember to go beyond the formulaic and standardized messages that Linkedin and others have written for you. Reach out in a personal way, that shows commitment and real interest. After all, would you approach somebody at a dinner party or a conference and say by way of introduction “I would like to add you to my professional network.”

Read the rest of the advice by clicking here. It’s worth your time.

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