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Posted June 18, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Networking Buzz

I spent last Saturday with a group of women and girls who embody empowerment and passion – the women and girls of Step Up Women’s Network Chicago. I’m on the Board of Directors of Step Up’s Chicago Chapter, and was delighted when Step Up called on me to use my social media savvy to encourage our girls (the now senior class!) to learn about the effective use of social media. I joined a group of mentors and mentees and a panel of social media experts I asked to stand up with me and at the end of the day felt extraordinary about the information we were able to give to the girls.

Somewhere in the middle of the day, though, I realized that this “Social Media and You” presentation wasn’t just for the girls. We could all use a refresher in the field of social media, even if you’re a daily user of multiple social media platforms. So, I’ve put together a few highlights here for you.

First, we tackled “Social Media Do’s and Don’ts.” Here are a few:

  • DO
    •Use it!
    •Have a photo you’re proud of
    •Check your profiles often
    •Look for good examples
    •Be proud of your friends
    •Use your privacy settings
  • DON’T
    •Post something you wouldn’t want your mentor (or in your case, think boss) to see
    •Be friends with people you don’t know
    •Let everyone see everything about you
    •Be an over-poster
    •Complain or rant

We also talked about which social media tools to use when in “Creating Your Social Media Persona.” We tackled just three of the most popular social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The lists below illustrate when to use each platform and for what purpose.

  • When to Use Facebook
    •More personal – friends
    •Face-to-face meeting rule
    •Use privacy settings
    •Share your thoughts
    •Share your hobbies and interests
    •Update regularly – daily, even
  • When to Use Twitter
    •When you want the public to know something
    •Interest related or career/college related
    •Follow interesting people you might not know
    •Share ideas and links
    •“TweetUps” and “Twitter Chats”
    •Find interesting articles and cool videos
    •Interact with celebrities and big names
  • When to Use LinkedIn
    •Resume building
    •Connecting with professional mentors
    •Joining groups with your professional interests
    •Connecting with alumni from your high school or college
    •Finding potential jobs or connectors to jobs

To cap off the day with our mentors and mentees from Step Up, every one of us set a “social media project” we intend to tackle in the next month. From updating an old or blurry profile photo to opening a Twitter account to becoming more active on LinkedIn groups, our projects were inspiring. So, with this “refresher” in social media 101, think about your own social media persona. Is there a project you can take on this summer?

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