Some Like It Hot — Reusable Straws For Hot-Beverage Addicts

Posted October 4, 2012 by Danielle Bilbruck in Leaders We Adore

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Denver Young Professionals event where they happened to be hosting an IndieGoGo campaign for Dawn Miracle, founder of Hot Straw. When I got the emails prior to the event, I assumed that Hot Straw was some new technological development for social media with a bizarre name. I thought, “There’s no way that someone is actually hosting a fundraising campaign for a straw.” I arrived at the event to find that the event was, in fact, centered around a straw. My next thought was somewhere along the lines of, “Wow…some people have some interesting ideas.”

I ended up in a conversation with the woman who was helping with the accounting portion of the department. She raved over and over again about these straws that were spread across every table — just some alternative to plastic. If you’re anything like me, you haven’t necessarily decided to care about the chemicals you ingest on a daily basis. I wasn’t buying it.

But this team member said something marvelous: “I hate having to wait to drink my hot coffee. The Hot Straw makes it okay for me to drink it right away without scalding the inside of my mouth.” Now I had to know what this was all about. After all, I already wake up and spend an hour on my morning routine, including walking the dogs forever and getting ready for meeting after meeting. By the time I arrive at Starbucks, I am a little irritated about waiting for another 20 minutes to drink my salted caramel mocha. So I donated to the campaign and walked away with my reusable Hot Straw.

The IndieGoGo campaign for Hot Straw explains the product as follows:

Hot Straw is a new and uniquely shaped dual-hole straw designed to withstand the heat of hot drinks letting you sip hot liquids safely without leaching chemicals into your beverage. It helps protect your teeth from coffee/tea stains and the unique shape fits “to-go” coffee lids helping to prevent spills when on the go. The inspiration for Hot Straw came from helping Parkinson’s patients and people on the go enjoy a healthy & spill free morning coffee.

Dawn is on to something. I see plenty of consumers drinking scalding hot beverages through a straw all the time and I could never understand it. I like my coffee at just slightly hotter than room temperature, mainly because my tongue is apparently quite sensitive. Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t think about the chemicals being leached from the plastic as it heats from the hot liquid…but perhaps it’s something I should take into consideration more often. The dual-hole is what I’m the biggest fan of — no sooner did I put my Hot Straw in the mocha that had just been handed to me than I decided to go for it…and what do you know? I didn’t take a gulp of fiery-hot coffee that I would now have to either keep in my mouth or spit out. This is because the dual-hole action limits the fluid intake so that you’re not completely overwhelmed with the burning sensation; I can drink my coffee almost immediately now. My teeth, already probably stained from years of red wine and coffee and other terrible habits, are just a little safer from discoloration. My taste buds are no longer numb and unable to truly enjoy food for days. Also, if you’re at all as much of a klutz as I am, the Hot Straw makes your drink virtually un-spillable. It fits into any to-go beverage sipping slot and I get to donate to a pretty important cause: 5% of all Hot Straw profits go back to Parkinson’s research.

Dawn came up with the idea for Hot Straw after working with patients going through Parkinson’s Disease — the tremors these patients experience make it extremely difficult to drink coffee without spilling exceedingly hot liquid. The Hot Straw eliminates these problems, not to mention gives back in a way that everyone can feel good about. It’s dishwasher safe and just as virtually indestructible as that Nalgene that, at least, Coloradans hold so dear.

The Hot Straw was just named one of the best new products at Seattle’s Coffee Fest 2012 (and let’s be honest — very few places do coffee as well as Seattle.) It’s the only product of its kind on the market — I suggest snatching one up now before all the copycats come onto the scene. I’m wild about the product for all of the aforementioned reasons, but I wanted to bring it to CGN readers’ attention because it helps support a female entrepreneur producing an extraordinary idea, while giving back at the same time. Check out Dawn’s IndieGoGo campaign to donate and get yourself some goodies — Hot Straws, travel mugs and more here.

Support female entrepreneurs and medical research — and experience your morning coffee in a whole new way! Tell us more–have you tried Hot Straw yet? What did you think? What would be your main reason for wanting one?

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