Bring CGN’s Founder to Speak to Your Group




Love your job. Embrace your career. Build a massive and meaningful network.

Our Founder started Career Girl Network to change the world for women in business. But it has to be done one woman at a time. Marcy’s work reaches out to those women who want to change their careers and in turn, create new life in their offices, their businesses, and their relationships. It’s all about connecting the dots so your career is serving you, not stifling you!





To book now, contact Marcy directly at


What kinds of groups might hire Marcy as a speaker?

  • Corporations who want to increase employee retention and engagement by providing women with the opportunity to build meaningful internal and external networks and skill sets to enhance their careers.
  • Events and conferences for women who are passionate about their careers.
  • Universities and groups of recent graduates or young professionals who want to gain knowledge and skills that will help members make the most of their 20s and begin a career that will propel them to phenomenal heights.


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