Special Fashion Interruption: Sheer Blouse No-No’s

Posted August 30, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Career Girl programming for a special announcement.

There are women around the city of Chicago (and I can assume other cities as well) who are making an incredibly inappropriate fashion mistake. The first time I saw this look on the street, I thought “Poor thing. She just doesn’t know what’s up.” Then, I saw it again. And today, I saw it twice – first on a woman in a casual environment, and then on a woman wearing a suit! THIS…is what I keep seeing:

Listen to me, ladies. Listen good. Listen hard. This is a hard and fast rule.


You may be saying, “Wait a minute, Marcy, women are actually doing this?” Yes. They are. They’re everywhere. And apparently no one educated these women that bras are to be worn, and never seen (by anyone other than you and the person you share your home with). Especially in the office setting. It is never, never, never appropriate to show your bra.

In case you’re still cloudy about this, I’m going to illustrate in a series of photos:

DON’T – Just because the runway shows it doesn’t mean you can wear it.

DO – Thank you for this modest, flattering, and great color story look!

DON’T – Just because celebrities wear it, doesn’t mean you can.

DO – Cameron Diaz shows how to wear a lighter cami that looks great with the sheer top.

DON’T – Nope, a bandeau bra doesn’t count. you still have to wear a cami.

DO – Wear a great blouse with a contrasting cami.

Everyone understand? Good. And now, back to your regularly scheduled Career Girl programming.

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