Spotlight on Alexa von Tobel, CEO of LearnVest

Posted October 10, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Leaders We Adore

Alexa von Tobel and her company, LearnVest, are taking the world of women and finance by storm. Budgeting, financial planning, investing — they can do it all, and by the looks of her most recent $19 million fundraising success, LearnVest is here to stay! Little Pink Book recently highlighted Alexa as “This Week’s Top Woman,” and we agree wholeheartedly. Below are a few awesome Q&A’s from LPB and Alexa:

LPB: When has perseverance paid off for you?
AvT: It took me literally five months to get one of the investors in our seed round to invest. They did everything in their power to say no. I was just unwilling to accept it. Ultimately I got them to invest and they took on a bigger investment later on. Everyone else said, “why are we even going to this meeting? It’s just not going to happen.” And I thought: “Well, you never know. Let’s stay focused. Let’s give them our best and let’s see what happens.” It ended up turning out really, really well.

LPB: What do you think is the biggest concern for professional women right now?
AvT: Taking more risks. Fear holds us back just in general. Get comfortable asking for raises, asking for more responsibility, asking for a part of your career you want to take charge of. Literally, putting your neck out there. If you’re not nervous every day, a little bit, then you’re not pushing yourself. My New Year’s Resolution was: ‘Get up, dress up, and show up.’ Get up on time, dress up every day, and show up with a smile. Do that every day – half of life is just showing up on time.

LPB: What are your personal finance tips for women?
AvT: Everyone needs help with personal finance and LearnVest talks to all people – women and men of all ages. The most valuable thing any career woman could do is to get a financial plan. You need to sit down and actually come up with a financial plan of what you want to achieve in your life and how you’re going to get there. Do you want to buy a home? How are you getting there financially? Because guess what – that’s what your career is all about!

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