Your Closet: Equal Parts Utility and Joy with Stacy London

Posted March 26, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand

Recently, our favorite fashion gal and Co-Founder of Style for Hire told the Chicago Sun Times something that may literally shake the way you think about your closet. What was it?

Any item in your wardrobe should satisfy one of two criteria: utility and joy.

Stacy goes on in the Sun Times article to talk about the difference between needs and wants, and how to balance those notions in your closet. She references buying trendy pieces at places like Forever 21 so you don’t have to worry about wasting tons of money on them. She also recommends balancing your closet so you have equal parts neutrals, brights, prints, and sparkle. Her advice appeals to the every day woman, and trust us ladies, you should check out all of it by clicking here.

The question we’re asking to piggyback on Stacy’s call for both utility and joy is this: can you find pieces that give you both utility and joy? Try these ideas:

  • Rain boots. We all need ’em, right? You can’t live your life with your feet always getting wet when it rains. But you don’t have to buy the stodgy black slickers. After all, you’re likely taking them off when you get to the office anyway. So go ahead and grab that pair that lights you up inside. Maybe it’s a Burberry print that gets your heart beating fast, or a loud floral pattern. For whatever reason, this is a great way to balance utility and joy.
  • Coats. The same rules apply in coats as they do in rain boots. You don’t have to wear them in a board room, so who’ll notice if you get a pink polka dotted coat that both keeps you warm and makes you feel like a million bucks
  • Watches. If you’re wearing a beautifully tailored, but kind of boring suit, there’s nothing to say you can’t have the biggest, most blinged out watch ever to go with it. A watch is something of a showpiece in your jewelry wardrobe. Sure, it’s got utility. We all need to tell time. But maybe, just maybe, it can bring you joy as well.
  • Insoles. This may sound a bit strange, but comfy shoes can bring anyone joy! And of course, a good pair of insoles is good for utility as well. Don’t skip either! You want your shoes to make your feet feel good, not bad. So find the insoles that bring you that little bit of comfort you need every day.

Big thanks to Stacy for her incredible advice. As always, you’ve shone the way to great style!

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