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Posted August 24, 2011 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder
Google is certainly one of the world’s most innovative and effective companies. Therefore they theoretically have important business practices aiding in their efficiency and genius. One such practice circulated a few years back, though I can’t find any confirmation from the folks at Google. This practice was mentioned again to me this weekend. And whether it’s confirmed or unconfirmed, I think it’s worth mentioning.
Rumor has it, Google at one time required all meetings to be “stand up” meetings. No chairs, just a circle. Why? It’s the “let’s get this over with and get back to work” factor. When you’re sitting, it’s easy to relax back in that comfy conference room chair and zone out while your boss runs numbers, but when you’re standing, it’s not so easy.
And it doesn’t just work for group meetings. One savvy Minnesota business woman is known for her “walk and talks” with staff and colleagues. If you have a 1:1 scheduled with her, you’d better wear comfy shoes because 99% of the time, she’ll start the meeting with, “Let’s walk and talk.”
Standing gets your blood flowing, your body engaged in the process and your mind ready to make decisions quickly and move on. Walking even more so. Imagine having a meeting about next steps in a project while you are literally perpetuating forward motion. Your body’s movements will match the meetings movements, adding to productivity and enhancing efficiency.
So the next time you’re stuck on an idea or can’t stand the idea of one more boring meeting, shake things up a little and propose a standing meeting or a “walk and talk”. You might just see results.

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