How to Stay Fit While Traveling for Business

Posted September 26, 2013 by Vivian Doan in Life After Five


Traveling for business and partaking in business meals are always great in theory, as it gets you out of the normal routine at the office while meeting and networking with colleagues and clients in new cities. However, it can definitely be challenging with long hours on a plane, jam-packed days with lengthy meetings, which makes it hard to stick to your fitness routine and maintain healthy eating habits. To stay fit while traveling for business take a few advanced planning steps and make conscious decisions so you stay energized to power through your business trip.  You won’t feel like you’re starting your fitness routine all over when you return home.

To stay fit while traveling for business, try these tips:

  • Curb cravings for junk food at the airport by packing healthy snacks. Some good options include fruit (try an apple with almond butter), nuts, vegetables such as baby carrots and celery sticks, or nutrition bars, but be careful as some nutrition bars have more sugar than nutrients.
  • Maintain your fitness routine by booking your business stay at a hotel with a gym, or if that’s not available, purchase a guest pass at a gym close by. If your schedule won’t allow for travel time to and from a gym, check out online websites with workout classes you can do from your hotel room such as, or even free fitness videos on YouTube.
  • Eat healthy at business lunches and dinners:
    • Opt for menu items that include lean protein, fresh vegetables, and  healthy ingredients
    • When ordering sandwiches, wraps and salads, ask for dressing on the side
    • If you are presented with a side, choose fresh fruit or salad, instead of the usual chips
    • Share or split your entrée with a coworker or ask for a half order to limit overeating
    • Limit and choose alcoholic beverages without the high-calorie mixers (wine, vodka/soda, martini) rather than cocktails with high-sugar additions (margaritas, cocktails with fruit juice or soda)

Try to incorporate these tips into your next business trip so you fuel yourself properly to be productive and energized for long work days, but not weighed down and sluggish. But, of course, allow yourself to splurge every now and then and be cautious not to alienate coworkers by obsessing over healthy options.

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Vivian Doan is a globetrotting foodie that balances her endless appetite with fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She is a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer (NASM), former Bar Method instructor, and certified in TRX Suspension Training and INSANITY. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego and completed her Masters at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. Originally from Southern California, Vivian is currently anchored in New York City as a Public Relations & Marketing Consultant for lifestyle brands.