Stop the Potty Mouth in the Office….and Everywhere Else

Posted July 26, 2012 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder

CareerBuilder isthe source for job search information, and is the authority for behavior in the workplace. They know what they’re talking about, kids. So I’ll trust them when they release a study like this one.

A new CareerBuilder survey finds that 64 percent of employers say they’d think less of an employee who repeatedly uses curse words, and 57 percent of employers say they’d be less likely to promote someone who swears in the office. More than 2,000 hiring managers and 3,800 workers across industries and company sizes nationwide were surveyed, and their response was loud and clear: Swearing at work is unprofessional and creates a negative impression of the offender.

How many times have you uttered a curse word at work? Enough that someone might call you a “potty mouth.” It’s the same logic from when we were children. Our parents didn’t want us to hang out with the 2nd grader with a potty mouth, and our bosses don’t want to be associated with that same potty mouth, either.

I’m guilty of it, certainly. And many of us are. And while I’m not advocating you start saying gosh darnit and fudge, think twice next time you want to lash out with a curse word in the workplace. Are there more articulate ways to get your point across? Think it through.

Read the full CareerBuilder article here and learn which cities are the worst offenders in this category.

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