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Streamline Your Life with 3 Words: You Are Awesome!

Posted June 23, 2013 by Melissa Foster in Life After Five

What are your different roles in life? Mom? Wife? Girlfriend? Sister? Employee? Boss? Entrepreneur? Teacher? Caretaker? Writer? Performer? Healer? Runner? Leader?

If you were to examine yourself in the roles you play and asked yourself: “Do I think I’m an awesome ___________?” what would you answer? The answer here is yes or no. Not “Well, there could be some improvements.” You’re either awesome in your mind or you’re not.

Let’s dive into this a bit more so that you can better see what I’m saying. Here, I’ll touch on the role of a wife to give one example:

How can one possibly be a “good wife” if she doesn’t even think she’s a good wife? You see, when you believe something about yourself, your actions reflect those beliefs. So if you BELIEVE you’re an awesome wife – YOUR CHANCES OF BEING AN AWESOME WIFE SKYROCKET.

Because it all starts with your thinking.

We tend to think that we get to be labeled by the outside world. When our environment or someone in our environment declares a belief about us (a label of awesome, average, terrible, unethical, genius, etc.), we tend to take on that opinion – good or bad. This is working from the outside-in.

So, working from the inside-out: The only label from which real amazingness can stem is from the one you give yourself. This label is birthed from your beliefs about yourself. If you don’t believe that you are a phenomenal partner/parent/employee/leader, then for sure – you aren’t. Why? Because your actions directly reflect what you believe. Let me say this again:

Your ACTIONS directly REFLECT what you BELIEVE.

Another way to say this: Your ACTIONS always work to PROVE your thinking TRUE.

What are you telling yourself about your performance in certain roles? Check in. It’s really easy to just be on auto-pilot and not consider what you are thinking and believing.

And as a side note, it’s not about believing you are perfect with no room for improvement — that’s just arrogant. It’s about believing you are capable and GOOD.

Working from the inside-out instead of the outside-in can streamline your experience and help you create the results you want.

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Melissa Foster

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