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Stuck? 4 Succinct Insights Into Fixing That Problem

Posted March 31, 2013 by Melissa Foster in Features

Being stuck, well…sucks. Bust through blocks and create some solid movement with the following insights.

Stuck is just a state of mind

Regardless of your external circumstances, it’s important to understand that “stuck” is a state of mind; not a physical problem. And I promise that is fantastic news, because that means you are not your thoughts. Allow me to repeat: YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS. (Sit with that for a moment. Important point to grasp.)

Knowing that, gives some wiggle room inside that noggin of yours. It provides the space necessary to cultivate a new perspective. And from there you can create what you really want.


Identify Exactly What Is In Your Way

What is in the way? From your current position, what are your obstacles?

Are they perceived (exist in your mind) or are they real (physically exist)?

Getting familiar with your obstacles will give you the ability to deal with them directly.


Eliminate Obstacles

What can you do to either eliminate the obstacles or just scoot around them?

Get creative here.

Do you need extra support? Who can give you that?

Do you need to acknowledge your fear? Fear never killed anyone, so feel the fear and do it anyway. Breathe deeply and then giddy-up!

Do you need to incentivize yourself in some way? Giving yourself rewards can be powerful.

Do you need to simply have an honest conversation with someone “standing in your way?”


The Power Of Decision

Finally, DECIDE to dissolve those obstacles. You’ve named them. You’ve come up with ways to create movement even though they’re there.

You’re clear. You’re ready.

You. Are. Unstuck.

(You always were, you just finally realized it.)


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Melissa Foster

A productivity consultant for startups founders and entrepreneurs, Melissa Foster is on a mission to help her clients and readers create flow in their lives... and get big things done. A certified life coach, Melissa's hyper-focused, energetic approach is coupled with wisdom, warmth, and wit. You can get more from Melissa by visiting her website.