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How I Finally Organized My Desk

  As a visual learner, my desk is usually a mess during the day (yes, that’s my desk in the photo) – I need a visual reminder to do something or it is “out of sight, out of mind,” literally. It may look like I...


Tackling Your To-Do List In Today’s Frenzied Office

Why You Can’t Get Anything Done… Between meetings, conference calls, interruptions from managers looking for an update, and the 5th birthday celebration of the month – it’s a wonder we get anything done at t...

Young secretary with disorganized desktop

How Clutter Affects Productivity

A clutter-free space and productivity go hand in hand. Why? Because a clear space allows you to sink in to your work/projects without being distracted by your environment. Check out the video below for a quick run-down on clutt...