Take Action: Make Your Healthy Vision a Reality

Posted May 29, 2013 by Sara Hauber in Life After Five
action leads to achievement of health and wellness goals

To reach your health and wellness goals, action is the name of the game.

Vision boards were the topic of my most recent CGN post. Did you make yours yet? Are you more clear than ever about what it is you want to achieve with regards to your health and wellness?

If so, that’s great! As any coach worth her salt will tell you, step one toward achieving your goals is getting crystal clear on what you want more than anything else.

But now what? Is a vision board enough to make your goals a reality? Can you will your ultimate level of wellness to happen just by meditating on your vision board 15 minutes a day?

Of course not. And this is the problem inherent in vision boards: They help us get clear on what we want, but they don’t give us any steps to follow to actually achieve our goals. In other words, they lack the single most important thing necessary to achieve a goal: action!

Neil Farber, M.D., Ph.D, a frequent contributor to the Psychology Today web site and an expert on blaming (nice area of expertise, eh?), wrote a couple of excellent pieces on the lack of power that vision boards can wield when not followed by constructive action. You can read them here and here. I think he’s dead right.

As I alluded to in my previous post, you can’t just create your vision board and then sit back on your heels and wait for the law of attraction to kick into gear. Rather, your honest, emotionally-salient vision board provides the visual stimulation to guide every step that you take from now on. It represents where you will be and how you will feel and look when you achieve your health and wellness goals; now you just need to pick the appropriate actions to actually get there.

How do you do that?

  • First, research. Find out what other people who have achieved similar health and wellness goals did it. How did they succeed? You’ll notice immediately that it was only through hard, diligent work that the vast majority of people succeed at anything they really want. You are no different.
  • Next, once you have an idea of the kinds of actions you will need to take to achieve your wellness goals, set your first action items. For the smartest way to make your action items list, with the highest likelihood that you’ll knock each one off the list without fail, come back in two weeks for the third installment in this “putting your wellness vision into action” series.

Now, go do your research!

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Sara Hauber

Sara Hauber, M.A., is a certified wellness coach, yoga teacher, and functional-fitness specialist whose mission is to help you overcome obstacles to achieve radiant health and vitality. Since undergoing complete spinal fusion for scoliosis, Sara has been empowering others to transform their bodies, eliminate pain, and embrace joy, love, and life. In 2012 she introduced The Hauber Methodâ„¢, her signature at-home method for eliminating back pain: haubermethod.com.


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